Tuesday, 21 October 2014

5 Types of Useful Baitcast Technique

Here are some practical cast to catch more fish.


This is one of the most common and useful cast for open terrain when we need a longer cast. It is still possible to use a compact overhead cast by using proper loading technique when back against thick vegetation.


This is the most energy efficient cast because the hand moves the least during whole casting cycle. Because of this, use Forehand cast for short range presentation whenever possible.


Backhand cast is useful in tight spot where the only available casting space is opposite to the casting hand. When done correctly this is one of the easiest and energy efficient cast.

Underhand/ Flip cast

This is by far the most valuable cast. Essentially the Underhand cast uses the limited space in front of an angler to load the rod and propel the lure forward, whether fishing from a confined water craft or land-based. It also allows low trajectory presentation. Timing and efficient loading are keys to execute this cast. Once mastered, the concept can be beneficial to all of the above cast.


Pitching is the most accurate type of cast for short range presentation. It is best used with single hook soft plastic. Caution though when holding hard body lure as one might get hooked by the trebles while pitching. Always hold the line just above the hard body lure to prevent mishap.

Fast to Extra Fast Action Rod with a strong tip is preferred for Pitching

Skipping is easy with Pitching due to the natural low trajectory

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